Kunst som forsvar: Kommandopost

Performance art and concert performances to equip the populace to defend itself through a mix of creativity and aesthetics.

Kunst som forsvar: Kommandopost

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Vintapperstræde 2, 5000 Odense C

22/8, 17:00-17:45

Ticket: Free

The Art Party posits that we live in an era of greed and aggression. An increasing number of people believe that in order to survive, one must never submit to anyone, that it is necessary to be ever more successful and outwardly beautiful. We are under constant attack from newspapers, television and the internet, jumping from one site to the next, leapfrogging walls before they are built. Perhaps to keep us away with fear?

But the Art Party has a solution: Art as a defense must be taken literally. Art must be used by the citizens to bolster their defense mechanisms; to let their creative and aesthetic senses shield them from all conceivable attacks.

The Defensive Arts is presented in two parts:

Ciao Ciao Bambini: Concerts

Command post: Site-specific performance

Read more about Art as Defence on: http://www.kunstpartiet.com/ksm

Organiser: Kunstpartiet
Co-organiser: H.C. Andersen Festivals

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