Digital postcard from the trip of your dreams

Create your own fantasy-filled digital postcard from a land far, far away, right here in Odense.

Digital postcard from the trip of your dreams

Kulturmaskinen - Filmværkstedet

Pantheonsgade 5, 2.sal, 5000 Odense C

23/8, 11:00-13:00

Ticket: Free

ny tid
Take a voyage in your imagination, record a digital postcard and send the greeting home. The trip could be to a place you have already visited, or perhaps to a place you have only dreamt about.

At Odense Film Workshop you can choose a destination from a long list of locations before setting yourself up in front of the green-screen to record your greeting from your faraway world.

The recorded postcards will be shown throughout the festival on television screens inside the cultural centre Kulturmaskinen and outside on the screen in the nearby square, Farvergården.

Organiser: Kulturmaskinen and Odense Filmværksted
Supported by: H.C. Andersen Festivals

Note: All times are subject to change.