Restaurants and cafes

Do you need inspiration for enjoyable dining experiences? Look no further

Eat well during the festival

There is a variety of different restaurants and cafes in Odense for you to enjoy during week 34. Here is a small selection. 

Bryggeriet Flakhaven

Bryggeriet Flakhaven (The Brewery at Flakhaven) is centrally located, situated in the Odense Town Hall Square in the same building as the Odense Town Hall.

At Bryggeriet Flakhaven you can see beer-making at close range with the in-house brewery, as well as enjoy a fine selection of meals to accompany your beer.

The informal setting is a deliberate choice by the owners, who desire to create a space where beer is at the centre – in this case literally, with the large copper beer kettles on clear display. Besides the many different combinations of food and beer to enjoy, you can also participate in special arrangements throughout the year.

The brewery also offers outdoor service, where you can relax and enjoy the hum of the city from this great central location.

Read more about Bryggeriet Flakhaven here (in Danish).

Restaurant Pasfall

Enjoyment and togetherness. These are some of the elements that Restaurant Pasfall focuses on when creating and presenting food for their guests. This stylish restaurant is located near Brandts, with windows spanning the length of the building, and a menu lovingly composed by the owner, who just so happens to be a masterchef.

Restaurant Pasfall offers a changing menu with a blend of French cooking and local ingredients from aroudn the island of Funen. There are frequently specially themed events at the restaurant guaranteeing varied and unique food experiences.

There are pay-to-park areas near the restaurant that offer free parking after 6pm (when available).

Visit the website for Restaurant Pasfall (in Danish).

Bar Snik Snak

In the very cozy street Jernbanegade across the old and historical Gråbrødre Monastery you'll find Bar Snik Snak. Here you'll be presented with a diverse choice of tapas, drinks, wine and coffee. You'll likely find the atmosphere to be very enjoyable, but don't take our word for it - try it out!

Bar Snik Snak is a combined restaurant and bar with relaxed surroundings that encourages an enjoyable visit - whether hungry or just aching for that cup of coffee to boost your day. A diverse offering of tapas-refreshments makes Bar Snik an ideal place for trying a little bit of everything, especially if you are visiting in a group.

The bar also offers a covered terrace that usually proves very popular in the hotter months of the year.

Visit the website for Bar Snik Snak.