The Horsewoman

There is a whinny and sigh in the streets of Odense, where the Horsewoman is on the lookout for adventure.

The Horsewoman

Gader og stræder

Vestergade, 5000 Odense C

23/8, 14:30-14:50

Ticket: Free

Hear the sound of hooves and snorting in the streets of the city. The mythological creature, the Horsewoman, is moving in and out between the shops and shoppers. Like Hans Christian Andersen's character, she is looking for new adventure and experiences. Ever curious, she moves amongst the crowd, experimenting with copying our daily activities.

The Horsewoman is almost mythological being from a magical universe where anything is possible. But who is she really? Just like the Little Mermaid, the Horsewoman has left behind the simple life to experience the city for herself.

The Horsewoman wants to experience everyday life first-hand. She reaches out to - and surprises - the people in Odense, creating a connection between them and a magical character that appears and disappears at a moment’s notice.

Spanish-Uruguayan Andrea Albernaz is the personification of the Horsewoman - curious, surprising and entertaining.

Organiser: Andrea Albernaz
Supported by: H.C. Andersen Festivals

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